Why Start an Online Network Marketing Business

This is THE TIME in our history for YOU to start your own business with virtually NO RISK, NO START-UP COSTS, and the WORLD at your fingertips because of social media!  If you are on social media (whichever platform you choose), then you have full capability to start your own online network marketing business and make it big. Period.  With social media, you have THE WORLD (like billions of people) at your fingertips and I am the techy type of person who can show you how to use it!

Beachbody is DIFFERENT than other network marketing companies and here is why…and #sorrynotsorry but I get a little passionate when talking about this (please don’t mistake my passion for pressure).  I also say “okay” waaaaaaaay too much!


Network marketing is the wave of the future

Eric Worre is a network marketing leader and has been in the profession for over 25 years.  He now teaches and educates others about how this business model is the way of the future!

Better Way Eric Worre

Press play below to listen to part of his book explaining why network marketing is a better way to start your own business!  This is a 20 minute clip….DON’T skip this!  Listen to it while folding laundry or washing the dishes or in your car! After listening to this, I completely understood how and why network marketing is the perfect business model in our new and quickly changing economy!

I used to really dislike the idea of network marketing mostly because I didn’t want to bug people about having parties and trying to sell a product that people didn’t really need.  However, my thoughts are completely changed now because with Beachbody, there are NO home parties, everything is done online using technology (which I love being creative with) and it’s a product that I am TRULY passionate about and the products fulfill a want and need that EVERYONE desires…health!!!  I now have a job where I can HELP people get healthy, help keep myself healthy, and earn an income.  WIN-WIN-WIN!

its a beautiful thing when

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#1WHY I Started Coaching
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#3What Coaches Actually Do to Earn an Income
#4What Coaching IS and ISN’T
#5Why Beachbody is a DIFFERENT Type of Network Marketing Company
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