What Do Coaches Actually DO?

Coaching really means to inspire, motivate, encourage, educate, push, and care. As a coach, my job is to motivate people DAILY using social media!


Perhaps you are already sharing your fitness journey, your recipes, even some of your fitness routines on social media. That is exactly what we do! We inspire people to live healthier by sharing our own journey on social media – imperfections and all!

People watch and follow YOU because you are YOU!

Watch the video below explaining what my day typically looks like and what business activities are most vital to my success!

So then how do I earn an income?

Coaches run monthly challenge groups in which people purchase a “challenge pack” from you. But your customers don’t just receive fitness dvd’s, a nutrition guide, and Shakeology. They’re plugged into a closed support group that’s available to ask questions, seek advice, and vent throughout the duration of your journey.

As a coach, you provide daily motivation in the form of videos, photos, tips, recipes, and feedback. Many people don’t have issues pressing play it’s the added support to CONTINUE to press play that is lacking. That’s what challenge groups are for– support and accountability…

So, what makes Team Beachbody Challenge Groups unique? The GROUP and PEER support!!!

Nutrition + Fitness + Support = SUCCESS!

These three things go hand-in-hand and sets us apart from gyms and trainers- there’s nobody to check in with you daily, create meal plans, put your workout together every single day. If you miss a day, gyms don’t care. We as coaches care, as we are there each day to check-in and cheer people on! We are also on our OWN health journey right along with our challengers!

Beachbody figured out that missing link and has a business model that allows you to help others while building a business and earning an income.

Beachbody programs combine DVD-based workouts (taught by celebrity trainers) with easy to follow and effective nutrition guides and supplements, like Shakeology. The fitness programs are created to receive maximum results in limited time.

It takes the work out of figuring out which workout to do on which day. You just have to look at the calendar and press play! Beachbody also has BOD – Beachbody on Demand which you can live stream from anywhere you have internet access!

Here is a video from Caleb Thomas (a super fun guy to follow on YouTube) about how income is generated.  I am still learning myself all about the compensation plan and how it all exactly works, but the financial potential is pretty crazy!

Another quick word about money from me!

Our team is full of amazing men and women who have entrepreneurial spirits and are set out to help others while building a business that is their OWN.

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