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New Year New Clothes



Ok the day finally came! I HAD to buy some new pants because all of mine are too big (even my stretchy yoga pants). Chris actually bought the ones in the picture for me and I was actually NOT happy with him because he ordered them online and I am very picky with how things fit. BUT, turns out I love them!!!! They are the perfect lounge-around-the-house leggings OR wear-under-a-long-sweater leggings OR workout leggings.

I also bought new black dress pants (not pictured here) and I know it’s not about the numbers (but actually it is for me sometimes). Yesterday, I bought a size that I have NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER bought before. Back at my heaviest, I wore size 14/16 pants. Trying clothes on at Target (or any store for that matter) was always a depressing day and RARELY did I find pants that fit me AND were cute.

Here’s how a typical day of pants shopping would go. I’d haul in a few different styles of pants in the largest sizes I could find into the dressing room (the stores I shopped at rarely carried sizes above 16).

One by one I would do the “dance” and follow these steps:
1) Wiggle hips to the left and then to the right as I simultaneously attempted to pull them up past my hips.
2) IF I got them past my hips, move my butt back and forth to make sure “everything was in the right place” because they were ALWAYS tight somewhere.
3) Next, I’d suck in my stomach as much as humanly possible to see if the button would actually button.
4) And IF…IF…IF I got this far then I could finally check to see if they actually looked good.

Nowadays, I can walk into any store and I don’t DREAD trying things on. For the past few years, I have hovered around size 8 (sometimes 10 and sometimes 6 depending on the brand). Yesterday, I walked out of Target with a size 2! Again, I know it’s not all about numbers but numbers do show progress. As I continue to focus on strength training vs. cardio I continually see my body completely toning up and leaning out.

I am NOT trying to lose more weight for those of you that will feel obligated to say something about that. I am eating clean (okay maybe not the past week with the holidays…hehe) and doing short 30-45 minute workouts each day and truly focusing on my all-around health (mental and physical). I FEEL AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! Although, I have been slacking a bit on my workouts…. unsure emoticon

I am betting that 90% of the people reading this will have some New Year’s Resolutions around health. I am here to show you that you CAN change yourself. It WILL take TIME and LOTS of effort and LOTS of hard work. It WON’T happen in a week, or 30 days, or 60 days. It doesn’t just happen. You don’t just “get there” It is a LIFESTYLE and a willingness to continually LEARN, TRY, FAIL, SUCCEED, TRY, FAIL, LEARN, and on and on and on! It is never-ending!

Will you be starting your “never-ending story” in 2016?

Oh, and just in case this post made you think I that all is peachy-keen in my eating-world right now, here is what the delivery man just brought to our doorstep!


Happy New Year!

Sore Muscles

I have some majorly sore muscles today after Piyo Drench kicked my butt!  Better than feeling sorry though!
Does anyone else love the feeling the day after a really ‪#‎hardworkout‬ when it feels like your ‪#‎muscles‬ are BULGING!?!

Which ones do you like to feel the most?
a) arms
b) abs
c) legs
d) butt

Choose to be sore

10 Ways to Motivate Yourself!

Yesterday I was in a slump and completely unmotivated (here is the post if you missed it).


This morning I woke up and knew I could not handle another day of zero productivity.  When I start the morning unproductively, the day usually doesn’t end well.  Fortunately, it also works the other way around!  So, here is what I did.

I poured a cup of coffee and made of list of ten easy and simple things I could do.  Things I knew would motivate me and rejuvenate my mind.  I purposefully made them small, simple, and doable.  Of course, these are my things that I knew would make me feel better.  It is a personal list.  You know how there are certain things that if you know are done, life is good?  These are the things that make my mind happy!  So if you decide to give this a try, make your own personal list.

10 Ways to Get (Kate) Motivated (these are in random order):

  1. Drink water
  2. Ditch technology
  3. Do a small household chore (one that you really don’t want to do)
  4. Go outside
  5. Put on clothes and get out of PJs (or at least put a bra on)
  6. Call someone on the phone
  7. Plan lunch
  8. Find a new recipe for dinner
  9. Declutter/organize something (not an entire room but pick a small space like a drawer or cabinet)
  10. Turn on lights and music (maybe the song below?)

Great song and great band!  But seriously turn on the lights and put on some motivating music.

With my list, I was ready to go.  I shut my computer (check for ditching technology), filled my water bottle (check for drinking water), and went outside to sit in our beautiful backyard (check to going outside).  I finished my coffee and water bottle while enjoying nature (until the bees came out…then I didn’t enjoy it anymore).

Three things done!  Now I was ready for more.  I got out of my PJs (check), turned on music and lights (check).  The productivity party had begun and I decided I was ready to tackle #3 on my list…a household chore that I never (ever ever!) want to do.  I despise and utterly detest this chore but I always feel absolutely amazing, like my life is in complete order and there is world peace, when it’s done.  What chore could possibly be so horrible yet make you feel so good?  Laundry.  Specifically, the part where I have to fold and put the clothes away.

I knew I could do it.  My productivity for the first 45 minutes of the day had been like that of a race horse (maybe that’s not the right simile but you know what I mean).  Actually, when I look back, it doesn’t seem like I did a whole lot.  But hey, those little things tricked my mind into thinking we had accomplished something great.  We were now in the right state of mind to get…the laundry…done.

I marched upstairs with authority and pulled out the two baskets of clean clothes that have been sitting there for eons (about 5 days).  I voraciously began folding and sorting and hanging and matching the stupid socks.  I put it all away.  Yes, I did.  Now the day had really begun…awww  yeah…

I didn’t do everything on my list, but that was not the intention.  My goal was get my mind motivated which in turn, would get my body motivated.  Somedays, I don’t need a list to help me and I wake up ready to go and take on the world.  Other days, I will definitely come back to this list and do as many things as I need to in order to “feed” my mind.

How I motivate myself!



So, what would be on your list?

Stay tuned as I experiment with an eggplant!