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New Year New Clothes



Ok the day finally came! I HAD to buy some new pants because all of mine are too big (even my stretchy yoga pants). Chris actually bought the ones in the picture for me and I was actually NOT happy with him because he ordered them online and I am very picky with how things fit. BUT, turns out I love them!!!! They are the perfect lounge-around-the-house leggings OR wear-under-a-long-sweater leggings OR workout leggings.

I also bought new black dress pants (not pictured here) and I know it’s not about the numbers (but actually it is for me sometimes). Yesterday, I bought a size that I have NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER bought before. Back at my heaviest, I wore size 14/16 pants. Trying clothes on at Target (or any store for that matter) was always a depressing day and RARELY did I find pants that fit me AND were cute.

Here’s how a typical day of pants shopping would go. I’d haul in a few different styles of pants in the largest sizes I could find into the dressing room (the stores I shopped at rarely carried sizes above 16).

One by one I would do the “dance” and follow these steps:
1) Wiggle hips to the left and then to the right as I simultaneously attempted to pull them up past my hips.
2) IF I got them past my hips, move my butt back and forth to make sure “everything was in the right place” because they were ALWAYS tight somewhere.
3) Next, I’d suck in my stomach as much as humanly possible to see if the button would actually button.
4) And IF…IF…IF I got this far then I could finally check to see if they actually looked good.

Nowadays, I can walk into any store and I don’t DREAD trying things on. For the past few years, I have hovered around size 8 (sometimes 10 and sometimes 6 depending on the brand). Yesterday, I walked out of Target with a size 2! Again, I know it’s not all about numbers but numbers do show progress. As I continue to focus on strength training vs. cardio I continually see my body completely toning up and leaning out.

I am NOT trying to lose more weight for those of you that will feel obligated to say something about that. I am eating clean (okay maybe not the past week with the holidays…hehe) and doing short 30-45 minute workouts each day and truly focusing on my all-around health (mental and physical). I FEEL AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! Although, I have been slacking a bit on my workouts…. unsure emoticon

I am betting that 90% of the people reading this will have some New Year’s Resolutions around health. I am here to show you that you CAN change yourself. It WILL take TIME and LOTS of effort and LOTS of hard work. It WON’T happen in a week, or 30 days, or 60 days. It doesn’t just happen. You don’t just “get there” It is a LIFESTYLE and a willingness to continually LEARN, TRY, FAIL, SUCCEED, TRY, FAIL, LEARN, and on and on and on! It is never-ending!

Will you be starting your “never-ending story” in 2016?

Oh, and just in case this post made you think I that all is peachy-keen in my eating-world right now, here is what the delivery man just brought to our doorstep!


Happy New Year!

Are You Getting Uncomfortable?

Today I finished up the book, You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero!  GREAT READ by the way.  I highly recommend it for a positive, uplifting, life boost!12002361_10100537085569860_6218415006216777796_oAnyway, there were sooooooo many take aways and I flagged them ALL!!IMG_4457I plan to turn many of them into inspirational quotes images for Pinterest.  Who else is obsessed with pinning quotes?!  Here is one I made today 🙂walk around with sunbeams shootingWell, there was a quote about getting uncomfortable that really struck me.  It struck me so much that I felt the urge to TALK about it rather than just WRITE about it.  So, here is a quick video of me blabbing about getting uncomfortable!  By the way, I originally made the video for and online health and fitness group I am running but it definitely pertains to everyone!  Also, be sure you are following me on Facebook to stay updated about all my online health, fitness, and wellness challenge groups!

Are you living in your comfort zone?  How do you plan to push yourself out of it?

Kate’s Power of One Theory

Power of One

We are leaving for a 10 day vacation tomorrow.  First stop is Sin City with some of our close friends for a weekend of sunshine, margaritas, Britney Spears, Craps, and of course food.  Maybe seeing Britney’s abs in real life will help motivate me…hehe!

After that, we are road trippin’ it to sunny San Diego for family, Braves games, ocean, sunshine, and of course food.

Lately, my mind has been in a good place.  Remember about week ago when I was totally unmotivated.  Well, something clicked in my brain and I have been on point with my workouts and eating well all week.  My mind told me seven days wouldn’t make a difference.  Wrong.

After motivating myself with a few simple tasks, I worked out.  I am always amazed at the power of one solid workout.  I INSTANTLY feel great after just one.  One!  So you can imagine how I am feeling after seven!  I wish I could just bottle that feeling up for the days I forget that one workout can have major snowball effects.

With every vacation I go on, I leave the house with all intentions of eating “as well as I can”.  I tell myself that I can definitely enjoy food and drinks, but just try to moderate it…yada yada yada.  Like other areas of my life, I start strong and fizzle out.  By the time I get home I have completely “fallen off the wagon”.

So rather than doing that again, I need to change something else.  I have been brainstorming.  Here are some ideas:

  • bring tennis shoes and workout clothes and use the hotel gym
  • pack your own food items (bars, dried fruit, nuts, etc)
  • avoid high calorie drinks and stick with vodka/soda

But here is what my head is saying…

Now, let’s be realistic…

1.  Bring tennis shoes and workout clothes and use the hotel gym?

  • HAHAHAHA…you know damn well you will not do this.  Your gym shoes and clothes will just take up precious suitcase space and you will not touch them.  They will make you feel guilty every day as they stare up at you from the depths of your bag.

2.  Pack your own food items (bars, dried fruit, nuts, etc)?

  • That is a good idea for the plane ride there.  But when you get there, no way.  Whatever food you bring would sit right there in the suitcase next to my gym shoes and clothes while  you are eating at all the awesome restaurants with your friends.  Then you would feel doubly guilty looking into your suitcase.

3.  Avoid high calorie drinks and stick with vodka/soda?

  • Yuck!

Alright…no solid plan yet to stay on track.  As I continued to think about this, I somehow got to thinking about my 30 Days of Biking Challenge back in April.  Why was I successful with that?

The challenge rules were simple.  Get on your bike and ride every day during the month of April.  No matter what the distance or destination.  So I did it!  I rode my bike every day.  Through rain, sleet, snow, and sunshine!   You can see my 30 Days of Biking Challenge pics here!

Now, if the challenge rules had been different, I don’t think I would have succeeded.  Let me tell you why.  On the hard days…the rainy ones, the cold ones, the snowy ones, I knew I didn’t have to go far.  There was no expectation.  Here is the power of one again.  I knew I could get on my bike for just one block.  That was easy.

After one block, I would realize it’s not that bad so I would keep going and shoot for one mile.  After one mile, I would be warmed up and would shoot for five.  You can see the pattern.  Some days, that way of thinking got me to 15-20 miles!

You often hear people tell you to make sure you set your goals high and make them really specific.  While that can be true for certain situations, I am going to take this vacation’s goals in the complete opposite direction.  I am going to use the power of one theory!

Here is Kate’s Power of One Challenge:

      • At least 1 squat and 1 push-up every day in the morning
      • Drink 1 glass of water with each meal

No special shoes or clothes required.  Nothing extra to pack.  No unrealistic number to reach.  Just one.  Why squats and pushups?  Those two moves will work nearly every major muscle in my body.

I am hoping the same mentality I had with biking challenge with roll over into this challenge!  If I can get myself to do get some squats and pushups done in the morning, I know there will be snowball effects throughout the day with my food choices.  I’ll report back when I return!  In the meantime, follow me on Facebook!