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30-Day Fitness Challenge Group Starts SOON!


In the beginning of my 60+ pound weight loss journey (if you haven’t read my story yet, you can find that by clicking here), I didn’t really know anything about fitness or nutrition. I just knew I wanted to feel better and lose weight. I didn’t really know how to start, but I knew I needed to do something and I needed help doing it. So, I joined Weight Watchers. The group atmosphere was what I needed. All the sharing, talking, relating, and connecting. I felt part of something. There was a plan given to me that I just had to follow.

At first, I just followed the points plan (but was still eating heavily processed foods). I did lose weight but still didn’t feel optimal and still felt like my body wasn’t at its best. Being super curious, I started researching. I wanted to know EVERYTHING about what I was eating (and the industries that were producing my food) – and I learned A LOT of scary things. Learning, time, patience, trial and error all helped me change my diet. When you know better, you do better.

With over ten years of learning, I now know how to properly fuel my body. I know what my body responds to. I know what food make me feel great and what foods make me feel like crap. I am NOT a professional nutritionist…but I AM a nutritionist for myself 🙂

You have to learn for YOU. You have to just start learning and then start doing and never stop. If you never start, you will continue to do what you have always done and most likely continue to get the results you are getting (or not getting). Are you happy with your health, your body, how you feel, your energy levels, your confidence?

❤️ Did you know that my online challenge groups are a way for you to connect with others on a health journey?
❤️ Did you know there is a structured plan provided for you?
❤️ Did you know that I create my own content for you each day to motivate you and keep you on track?
❤️ Did you know that I will help you by checking in with you about your goals?
❤️ Did you know that I have been doing this now for almost TEN months and am proof that simple, short, home workouts, proper nutrition, and the right mindset are the secret sauce to changing your lifestyle?
❤️ Did you know we have another group beginning next month?

I would love for you to experience the feeling of being in control…the feeling of clarity…the feeling of optimal health. But you do have to make the decision to start. What do you say? Email me at or comment below “I’m interested” and we can chat about your goals and find a program that will fit your needs!

I can’t wait to hear from you!

I can you can we can do hard things



Piyo Drench Preview

Our September Challenge Group starts in about a week and I have been trying out all the Piyo workouts.  Here is a Piyo Drench preview.  Yes, I was completely drenched and needed many many breaks!  I cannot wait to see what these will do to me in 60 days!

In The Groove!

It’s been a week since we returned from our 10 day Vegas/San Diego vacation and it was amazing!  I am so proud of myself for sticking to my daily squats and push-ups.  I did them EVERY. DAY.  If you missed my Power of One Theory I was trying out you can click the pic to read about it!  It TOTALLY worked!

Power of OneSo I will QUICK recap the vacation…here we go!

I stuck with my itty-bitty goals every day and felt amazing and accomplished.  Great thing for the mind!IMG_4438Saw Britney Spears!  It was also amazing!  Danced in my seat the whole time!IMG_4456Made healthy choices…especially at breakfast!IMG_4500Got some inspiration while walking along the strip!IMG_4514Saw lots of palm trees 🙂IMG_4641Goodbye Vegas.  San Diego here we come.  Drove through the desert.  It was dry but beautiful!IMG_4525Visited my family and got to hang out with my little brother, James!  Here we are with AWESOME seat to the Braves/Padres game. IMG_4601And my cutey-pie  nephew, Matthew!IMG_4618And my sister and dad!
IMG_4626More baseball!  Even better seats!  We felt like celebrities and were treated that way too!

IMG_4666This is literally where we sat.IMG_4685Along with great seats came GREAT food and tons of it and it was free….uh oh.  But there was a delicious Kale salad so I started with that.  Tip: start with healthy stuff first.  It will fill you up and then you will hopefully eat less of the unhealthy.  This picture shows just a smidgen of all the food we had to choose from!IMG_4682The beautiful coast at Point Loma!IMG_4764

IMG_4759Exercising on vacation can be fun!  We kayaked all along the coast in La Jolla through the sea caves.  We saw tons of sea lions, a few leopard sharks, and a stingray!  So fun!  If you ever go to La Jolla, DO THIS!!IMG_4769Came home and was ready to dive into my new Beachbody Coaching gig.  I read a lot about offering free clean eating challenges to help people get off to a strong start.  However, based on my 10 years of weight loss struggles, I did not believe that clean eating is the place to start (for most people).  Changing your eating habits drastically can be VERY difficult and unsustainable.

I decided to go a different route.  I truly believe that everything you do is fueled by your mind.  If it is not in the game, then you will not be either.  I wanted to focus my first group on simply mentally preparing for health and fitness goals.

I thought carefully about what I have always struggled with and what strategies I have picked up and learned over the years.  I designed each day to have a focus and a written journal assignment.  I am hoping that after 5 days of getting ready mentally, group members will feel empowered and determined to work towards their goals!


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Of course, I am human too and am still struggling with food.  I am trying my hardest to be completely transparent on my Coach Kate Facebook Page in hopes to show people that I am far from perfect with health and fitness.  It is truly a journey.


stronger than pizza


I am also super excited to start my new workout, Piyo!  It came in the mail yesterday and I already started!  I will definitely take before and afters because I can tell this program is going to get me long and lean!  Can’t wait!


Do something


I am very excited to start my next 30-Day Back To School September Shape-Up Challenge starting around Sept. 7th!  I hope I have inspired and motivate some people to choose a workout program and stick with it!  If you are interested in participating, contact me through Facebook or email (!




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I am so excited for what’s to come with coaching.  It has already been incredibly rewarding.  Just by sharing my story, struggles, and successes people have reached out and shared theirs.  I just love it!