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Here are some random things for you today!  I got my new toys in the mail today!  I invested in a set of resistance bands for my upcoming program.  Found them on Amazon…very inexpensive!  Click here or on the picture to take you to Amazon to order some for yourself!  This set even came with a great carrying case so these will be perfect for getting workouts in while traveling!


Moving on in no particular order!  I love coffee and I love my pet themed coffee mugs – I have one for my cats and one for my dog!


Here was my lunch sometime this past week.  I used to be “afraid” of avocados because of their fat content.  But I know better now and enjoy these “good-fat” fruits often!


Found this TUB of dates at Target!  They are organic too!  Very excited about this because I usually can only find whole dates at our co-op and they are super expensive.


That’s all for random things today!

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