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How do I get ALL of these things every day?!  My daily superfood shake!  I have been drinking Shakeology and consistently working out since the end of August, 2015.  This has resulted in a 14.2 pound weight loss and CRAZY inches gone in just 3 months!!  I broke through a plateau too!  If you haven’t read about my weight loss journey yet, you can do that by clicking here!

I seriously, 100%, without a doubt credit my success to Shakeology, clean eating, and daily home workouts.  Shakeology has completely helped with my food and sugar cravings, I have more energy (in fact, my husband wants to start drinking them too because he notices), my skin is clear, I am actually sleeping at night (priceless), and I can SEE my stomach muscles!  It makes meal planning easier as I have one less meal to grocery shop for and prep for!  I am buying less junk food because I am not craving it.  I am spending less money on food because my body is actually being fed the nutrients needed to feel satisfied.

I was completely skeptical about this shake at first and said “I don’t need it” and “I’m not a shake person” and “I already eat healthy”.  But lately, I have a new life mantra and that is “try new things as much as possible and then learn from those experiences”.  I am in a phase of my life where I want to be open to as many new experiences and opportunities as possible.  Shakeology was one of those things.  Here is a video clip of me telling about my experience with it these past 3 months!

As promised in the video, click here to view the different flavors options and ingredients!  I encourage you to truly do your own research and be an educated and informed consumer!

Here is a clip showing and explaining why Shakeology is in a world of it’s own when it comes to shakes.

And to conclude, here is a bit of Tony Horton humor!

Here is a Pinterest board with LOTS of different superfood shake recipes I have been collecting! Be sure to follow it as I will continually add to it!

Here are my very own favorite recipes so far!  These use the vanilla flavor.  Although I discovered you can easily turn the vanilla blend in to chocolate with 100% cocoa powder.  If you are interested in trying this amazing nutrition shake , email me at or connect with me on Facebook by clicking here!

Thin Mint Mocha RecipeChocolate CherryLemon Bar Blast

These recipes use the chocolate flavor!


Creamy Chocolate Orange

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