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Are you struggling with weight loss, nutrition, and motivation?  Are you wanting to improve the quality of your life?  Do you want to change your family’s habits and set an example for those close to you?  Are you truly wanting to change your habits to live a healthier lifestyle?  Do you need support?

Well, my friends, I am embarking on a new adventure as an online Fitness and Nutrition Coach!  I am not an expert.  I am not a nutritionist.  I am not a personal trainer.  I am just someone who was overweight and wanted to feel better and live healthier.  I have reached many of my goals, but I am always striving to improve myself even more.  If you haven’t read my story yet, please do!

As a coach, I am here to help you!  Online coaching is a way for me to connect with and help you all through social media…how cool!!  I know exactly what it is like struggling through weight loss and nutrition (I continue to struggle every day).

What I do want you to know is that I am NOT offering you a quick fix.  I lost weight and learned healthful habits over a LONG period of time (and I continue to learn and change every day).  Yes, my challenge groups run monthly and you WILL see results in that amount of time (if you put in the effort).  Will you reach your goal weight in that amount of time?  Probably not (unless you have a small amount of weight to lose).

Will healthy life-long habits be magically engrained in you by the end of our challenge group?  Probably not.  Changing your life takes DAILY repeated practice over time…long periods of time.  I can 99% guarantee you will have set backs.  You will want to quit.  You will miss workouts.  You will overindulge with food somedays.  You will feel defeated.  I can also 99% guarantee you will feel amazing.  You will feel accomplished.  You will set an example for your family.  You will feel like you are on top of the world.

You have to be willing to fail and get back up…a lot!!!!  You have to have the mentality that this is a life-long journey that never ends.  You have to learn to love the process of educating yourself, committing to your goals, working with laser-like focus and unshakeable drive.  If this sounds like something you are up for then keep on reading and connect with me!

Take a look at these videos to see how I can help you as a coach!  First of all, ever feel like this?

Here is what it’s all about:

If you are interested in joining an online challenge group or you just want more information, click here to answer some questions that will allow me to learn about YOU and your goals!

As I know from personal experience, going after health and fitness goals is a very personal decision.  Your mind definitely needs to be “in the right place”.  I completely understand if this is not for you at this time!  If you are a bit hesitant, that is okay.  If you are scared, that is normal.  You can always just follow me on Facebook.  I will alway posts updates about new challenge groups, when they are starting, etc.  However, my BIGGEST pieces of advice when going after something you want is to…

Start-Before-Youre- Ready

If you have questions about anything, please please ask!


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