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Hello and thanks for stopping by!  I am Kate and I want to welcome you to my BRAND NEW blog!  I hope you stick around for a bit to see what I have created so far.

This blog is going to be all about food, fitness, and balance.  I am a little crazy when it comes to food and fitness.  I love to prepare food, cook food, create with food, shop for food, and of course, eat food.  I am not a chef and I don’t claim to be any sort of culinary expert.  I just like food.  I am a vegetarian so I do love my fruits, veggies, beans, nuts, and seeds.

I also love being physically active and the idea/concept/dream of being truly physically fit.

I am an infomercial junkie and have ordered almost every fitness DVD there has been (and I use them usually).  I love playing team sports (softball, broomball, tennis, hockey).  I LOVE biking.  I just discovered kayaking and paddleboarding is next on my list!

Do I sound like a  healthy, balanced, well-rounded person yet?  Because I am far, very far, so so far from it…

You see, my mind is like a giant pendulum.  It swings back and forth and back and forth (to extremes…serious extremes).  I never know when it will swing and I never know how long it will last.  I can go months without working out and eating out every night.  Then, something in my brain clicks, and I swing into healthy mode – working out everyday, grocery shopping and preparing healthy food.  Then boom.  Mind swings again.

Now, those of you that know me well, know that I am this way in other areas of my life as well.  Starting this blog is a pretty good indication of an extreme swing in my brain right now.  I tend to start new things moving at the speed of light.  I start strong and fizzle out.  But I like to think of it like this…

Don't be scared of failure

I am definitely willing to try new things.  I just have a very difficult time finding balance when I do start something new.  I am all or nothing.  Best or bust.  My mind is a very busy, complicated, place and this blog is an attempt to empty it, reflect, learn, and balance!  In the meantime, I will maybe motivate and inspire others to reach their health goals.

I was very hesitant to start this blog because I really will be unleashing the beasts in my brain and making them public on the interwebs (gulp).  There is no doubt that it will be sad/pathetic/embarrassing at times and you will probably wonder how I ever pull off seeming “normal” and somewhat “put together”.

However, I know there are others who are struggling with the same things I do everyday, and I figure it would be nice to connect with other crazy like-minded people.

Feel free to follow by email and connect with me on your preferred social media!  Maybe, together, we can become a little more balanced and healthy!  Or at the very least, you will hopefully be entertained by my craziness!

I will add the usual “about me” stuff later.  You can also read about my life-long weight loss journey!

Check back – this will always be a work in progress!

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