Coaching Career?

Now HiringAre you a natural-born entrepreneur?
A leader?
A self-starter?
A go-getter?
Willing to learn?
Willing to try?
Willing to take risks?
Willing to get uncomfortable and grow?
Wanting to help others (and yourself) with health and fitness?
Do you want to be your healthiest (mentally and physically)?
Do you want financial freedom for your family?
Do you want more time to do the fun things in life?
Are you frustrated with your career and life routine in general?
Do you feel like there is more to life than just working all…day…long?

That was me. Wanting something different. Wanting out of the monotony. Wanting out of the stress and anxiety. Wanting out of the pressure. Wanting something that was MY OWN. Knowing that I had the skills and ability to create something that would inspire and help others. Something that would reward me emotionally and financially. Something that would give me a sense of freedom.

if you don't build your dream

I took a HUGE, GINORMOUS (almost unthinkable) leap of faith and will not be turning back.  I quit my job as a teacher after ten years because I was no longer happy.  I quit without know exactly what I would do.  I am now starting MY OWN business and loving every minute of the newness, the excitement, the energy, and the hope for the future.


If you AT ALL connect to the person described above, if you WANT any of those things for yourself, you can have them. I am looking for people similar to me who don’t want to work their life away. We are meant to do SO MUCH MORE!

Becoming an online coach has kept me accountable, encouraged, and honest with myself all while helping others do the same. I am not an expert. I didn’t go to school for this. I don’t have any fancy certifications. I am just someone who wanted health for myself and knows the struggles.

In the last few months, I have reached goals that I have been striving for for YEARS. I have personally development myself mentally and have more confidence and belief in myself than I ever have before. I have shared the journey with others and have been able to celebrate their successes too.


I made a small investment for this opportunity – but it truly is priceless. I am now earning an income for doing things that I am so passionate about – being healthy and helping others. You can change your life too.

Take action. You have choices:

1) Do something.
2) Do nothing.

Action is the antidote

I am looking for determined, driven, and dedicated people who truly want to change their career and build their own online business in health and fitness with me. If you are passionate about being healthy and willing to share that with others, then this is for you.  We are building a strong team of life-changing coaches who are ready to change every aspect of life – financial, emotional, physical!

Email me, message me, or call me if you want to hear more about what I do day-to-day and how this business is like no other!  I am willing to share my story about why I left teaching and what this new gig is all about with people who are curious and interested (even the slightest little inkling) in changing their career, their future, their minds, their bodies!

love what you do


Here are ALL the sections for our “Coach Sneak Peek” so you can easily navigate through all the information!

#1WHY I Started Coaching
#2About the Company
#3What Coaches Actually Do to Earn an Income
#4What Coaching IS and ISN’T
#5Why Beachbody is a DIFFERENT Type of Network Marketing Company
#6Coach Success Stories
#7How to Get Started

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