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How to Use Google Calendar for Menu Planning

★★★How to Use Google Calendar to Menu Plan★★★

Areas of my life where I am full-blown TYPE A – OCD: my work, my hobbies (including health and fitness), my money, planning

Areas of my life where I don’t really care: the cleanliness of my car, my clothes, my hair, putting laundry away, and making the bed

Here is a VERY TYPE A way of menu planning!! Hopefully it gives you some ideas – let me know if you give it a try!

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Vegan Alfredo Sauce

IMG_4835Take a guess at what makes this THICK, CREAMY, DECADENT, “CHEESY” sauce? It’s VEGAN and 100% clean eating deliciousness!

This creamy comfort food is made with cashews, a potato, and a can of white navy beans!  Here’s how to make it!

Vegan Alfredo Sauce
*1 cup cashews (soaked for an hour or more depending on your blender)
*1 cooked potatoe
*1 can white navy beans
*vegetable broth

Soak the cashews for about an hour in water (more if you don’t have a very powerful blender).  Bake or boil the potato.  You can keep the skin on!  Put all the ingredients into a high power blender with some vegetable broth!  I didn’t measure how much broth I used.  I just kept adding it until it was the consistency I wanted.  SUPER easy!  You could also add in garlic and onion if you wanted!  Salt and pepper to taste!  Pour it over veggies or brown rice noodles or just eat it by the spoonful!  I used mine as a soup base with wild rice!

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Kate’s Black Bean “Burger” Salad


You know how when you eat a delicious burger with lettuce, tomato, onions, ketchup, and mustard all the condiments just blend together with the lettuce into a creamy deliciousness?! Here is a way to get that taste and satisfaction but WITHOUT all the unwanted calories! I used to LIVE off this salad back in the day and forgot about it until recently!  Here’s how to make it!

Kate’s Black Bean “Burger” Salad Recipe

*spinach, kale, or other dark leafy greens

*1 onion

*1 cup black beans

*1 pickle spear

*1 Tbsp ketchup

*a quirt of yellow mustard

*cherry tomatoes

Cook up the onion with a tad bit of butter on medium low heat for about 15 minutes or until your liking.  You could just put in raw onion too (if you like that).  Add 1 cup of black beans to the pan to heat up.  Chop up the pickle spear into tiny chunks.  Combine all ingredients in a bowl, mix up, and pretend you are biting into a JUICY burger!  You can also get creative and add other tasty things like mushrooms!  Enjoy!


If you haven’t read my full story be sure to do that!  I have online fitness and nutrition groups starting soon on Facebook.  Be sure to head over there and click “like” to follow the fun!  You can also click below for email updates so you never miss a post!  I look forward to connecting with you!

21 Day Holiday Squeeze Challenge


I WILL NOT endlessly eat this holiday season!! I WILL NOT endlessly eat this holiday season!! I WILL NOT endlessly eat this holiday season!!

I will squeeze in healthy habits every possible day between Thanksgiving and Christmas to stay on track (will I stay 100% on track every single day during the holidays? No. That’s unrealistic for me.)

But, I am excited to try a new program and keep the good things going! Who wants to do this 21 Day Holiday Squeeze Challenge with me? Email me at or find me on Facebook and message me if you are in or want more info!


Be good to yourself this holiday season and treat your body kindly!

Clean and Delicious With Dani Spies

Just have to share about Clean and Delicious With Dani Spies!  She has an AWESOME YouTube channel that I follow for clean eating ideas, recipes and tips.  She is fun to watch and everything is short, simple, and easy to follow.

Click here to link to her Clean and Delicious YouTube channel (you should subscribe).

Click here to link to her Clean and Delicious website.

This is one of my favorite finds and satisfies my ice cream sweet tooth:

Oh my…I just saw this video too!  Yum!!!

Have fun watching her videos!  I can spend hours learning about new foods!

Wildtree Bean Taco Sandwich

EASY lunch or snack!!  Like I have said before, I am NOT a fancy cook.  I like food simple, quick, easy, healthy and tasty!  Today I made an open face Wildtree Bean Taco Sandwich for lunch!

Wildtree Bean Taco Sandwich
1/2 cup refried beans
1/2 cup seasoned tomatoes with cilantro
2 tsp Wildtree Taco Seasoning
1 slice Ezekial bread
A little bit of cheese (optional)

Mixed beans, tomatoes, and seasoning together and heat up in microwave. Toast the bread with cheese and then top with bean mixture! You could also top with avocado! Enjoy!

Be sure to check out more Wildtree goodies on my Wildtree Website!  You can place orders online and have everything shipped directly to you!  Check out the “Wildtree” tab at the top of my blog to learn more about the company!


Brown Rice Noodles Review

Have you tried brown rice noodles? Last night’s dinner was super quick and tasty. Brown rice noodles with broccoli! I am not a fancy cook. The faster, easier, and cheaper, the better!  I found these brown rice noodles at Aldi’s but I know Trader Joe’s has some too.  IMG_4300

Here is what I have found when making them.  The water becomes VERY thick and goo-like when you boil them.  At first, I was worried about how the noodles would turn out.  I also found you need to stir them more frequently as they stick to the bottom of the pot more than regular noodles.  Don’t let the the gooey thickness gross you out though.  Simply strain AND RINSE the noodles when they are done and I can’t tell the difference between these and regular noodles!  Try them and let me know what you think!

Onto to some other random things!  Here are our kitties and they are now officially friends.  We took Katniss in around the beginning of August (she was a stray).  She DID NOT like Peeta or Rocco.  She did like to hiss and swat with her razor-like claws.  We have worked hard on integrating here into the family and now Peeta and her play like best buds.  On the other hand, Rocco and Katniss are NOT friends and still cannot be in the same room…someday…


I am also LOVING my nightly tea!  I can’t believe I haven’t discovered the greatness of it until now!  I can’t wait to try more flavors and brands.  Any suggestions?






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Clean Eating Wildtree Snack

A quick clean eating snack/light lunch! I keep a big tub of brown rice or quinoa (depending on the week) in the fridge all week! When I’m hungry I pick a Wildtree seasoning blend and sprinkle it in with some chopped peppers! Today’s pick was Mediterranean Dry Rub! Soooo flavorful and satisfying! I proudly rep Wildtree products! You can place orders right online through my website or you can just browse!


Wildtree Scampi Green Beans

We are lucky to have farmers in the family!  On a recent trip to Iowa, we came back fully loaded with veggies galore!  For a quick and healthy snack, I sprinkled about 1 teaspoon of Wildtree’s Scampi Blend on bowl full (about 1 cup) of green beans.  Delish!

Click the pic to shop Wildtree and order some Scampi Blend for yourself!

Wildtree Scampi Green Beans

Quick Way to Cut Green Onions on Salad

Made a tasty salad loaded with veggies today for lunch.  My mom shared with me this great way to cut green onions using a scissors!  You can also use scissors to cut up other herbs too.  Easy peasy!  Check out the video showing how to cut green onions to top your salad!  I topped it with Salad Girl dressing.