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30-Day Fitness Challenge Group Starts SOON!


In the beginning of my 60+ pound weight loss journey (if you haven’t read my story yet, you can find that by clicking here), I didn’t really know anything about fitness or nutrition. I just knew I wanted to feel better and lose weight. I didn’t really know how to start, but I knew I needed to do something and I needed help doing it. So, I joined Weight Watchers. The group atmosphere was what I needed. All the sharing, talking, relating, and connecting. I felt part of something. There was a plan given to me that I just had to follow.

At first, I just followed the points plan (but was still eating heavily processed foods). I did lose weight but still didn’t feel optimal and still felt like my body wasn’t at its best. Being super curious, I started researching. I wanted to know EVERYTHING about what I was eating (and the industries that were producing my food) – and I learned A LOT of scary things. Learning, time, patience, trial and error all helped me change my diet. When you know better, you do better.

With over ten years of learning, I now know how to properly fuel my body. I know what my body responds to. I know what food make me feel great and what foods make me feel like crap. I am NOT a professional nutritionist…but I AM a nutritionist for myself 🙂

You have to learn for YOU. You have to just start learning and then start doing and never stop. If you never start, you will continue to do what you have always done and most likely continue to get the results you are getting (or not getting). Are you happy with your health, your body, how you feel, your energy levels, your confidence?

❤️ Did you know that my online challenge groups are a way for you to connect with others on a health journey?
❤️ Did you know there is a structured plan provided for you?
❤️ Did you know that I create my own content for you each day to motivate you and keep you on track?
❤️ Did you know that I will help you by checking in with you about your goals?
❤️ Did you know that I have been doing this now for almost TEN months and am proof that simple, short, home workouts, proper nutrition, and the right mindset are the secret sauce to changing your lifestyle?
❤️ Did you know we have another group beginning next month?

I would love for you to experience the feeling of being in control…the feeling of clarity…the feeling of optimal health. But you do have to make the decision to start. What do you say? Email me at or comment below “I’m interested” and we can chat about your goals and find a program that will fit your needs!

I can’t wait to hear from you!

I can you can we can do hard things



21 Day Squeeze Challenge Video

There is a small window of time BETWEEN Thanksgiving and Christmas…just enough time to squeeze in a 21-Day Fitness and Nutrition Challenge!!!  I am calling it the 21 Day Squeeze Challenge! Check out this video to learn more and connect with me if you want to join the fitness fun!  The challenge will start November 30th but the deadline to commit is November 16th!!

21 Day Holiday Squeeze Challenge


I WILL NOT endlessly eat this holiday season!! I WILL NOT endlessly eat this holiday season!! I WILL NOT endlessly eat this holiday season!!

I will squeeze in healthy habits every possible day between Thanksgiving and Christmas to stay on track (will I stay 100% on track every single day during the holidays? No. That’s unrealistic for me.)

But, I am excited to try a new program and keep the good things going! Who wants to do this 21 Day Holiday Squeeze Challenge with me? Email me at or find me on Facebook and message me if you are in or want more info!


Be good to yourself this holiday season and treat your body kindly!

What is an Online Coach?

I have ALWAYS dreamed of having a side business in health and fitness. Well, some unpredictable life events have happened and now I will be diving into the deep end! Have you ever considered becoming an online coach yourself? Are you in the beginning of your health journey, in the middle, or somewhere near the non-existent ending?

Wherever you are in life, becoming a online coach yourself can HELP you be the BEST and HEALTHIEST you! YOU can help others while helping yourself! I am offering a sneak peek into my new adventure. For those who are even the slightest bit interested in simply learning more, email me at and I will add you to a secret Facebook group.  You will be able to read/watch videos that answer some common questions! There is no commitment…this is just information for you, from me smile emoticon

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Piyo Buns Preview

Today I learned how to add annotations to my YouTube videos – exciting!! Here is my workout from today – Piyo Buns preview!  Buns and legs were SCREAMING!!!

We are heading to a bonfire/party tonight so I will be indulging!  I try to keep myself 99% on track during the week (especially when I know events are coming up).  That way, I can splurge without guilt.  And of course, get right back on track the next day.  How do you fit in all the events in your life while still sticking to your health goals?


Piyo Sweat Preview

Here is a quick Piyo Sweat Preview!  Piyo is on sale for only 2 mores days!  Let me know if you want to try it out.  I have never seen muscle definition like I am seeing with this program (and Shakeology of course) and  and I haven’t even picked up a single weight!  Body weight baby!


Piyo Drench Preview

Our September Challenge Group starts in about a week and I have been trying out all the Piyo workouts.  Here is a Piyo Drench preview.  Yes, I was completely drenched and needed many many breaks!  I cannot wait to see what these will do to me in 60 days!

PiYo Sweat! Holy Cow!

Just finished PiYo Sweat and was very humbled throughout the entire video. Lost my balance at least 2,629,981 times and again was shaking uncontrollably…but I LOVE and will get better and better with time! I have a group starting around Sept. 9th!  Contact me if you are ready to reach some of your fitness goals!  You can follow on Facebook or email me at!


Starting around September 9th…

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First Day of Piyo!

I did the intro video yesterday and was sore!  From just the intro!  Today I did the Upper and Lower Define and was literally shaking like a leaf.  I will definitely feel it tomorrow.  I definitely need to let go of the idea that I need to be jumping around to get a workout.  This was intense!  Excited for more.  Let me know if you are interested in Piyo and joining my next challenge group starting around September 7th.  Contact me on Coach Kate’s Facebook Page or email me at

Action is Your Antidote!

Take action towards a healthier life!  I have a fitness and nutrition group starting around Sept. 7th!  Join me for accountability/motivation/support and success!  You can do it!  You can contact me through my Coach Kate Facebook page or email ( is the antidoteGet moving!