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Here is my weight loss story.  Watch the video for the short version.  Read the story for the long version.


My  struggle with weight started in fourth grade.  It was “check your height and weight day” and our class was lined up in the hall waiting our turns for the school nurse to take our measurements.  No big deal.  I didn’t care and had never even once thought about my weight.

As I neared the scale, I could hear the nurse reporting the measurements to her assistant.  My turn.  I stepped up as she nudged the slider further and further until it balanced.  “Kathryne weighs 93 pounds.” the nurse reported.  I stepped off the scale and the boy behind me looked at me with disgust and in the most condescending voice said, “You weigh 93 pounds?!”

Everyone in line heard him.  I don’t remember what I said.  I don’t remember what I did.  But I most definitely remember how I felt.  Humiliated.

And that was that…the defining moment…the beginning of my life-long body issues.  It’s amazing what one comment can do to someone.

Fast forward to adulthood….

These photos were taken right before college started in 2001.  Sorry for crappy photo quality.  These were before digital cameras.  I wouldn’t want these in high-def anyway.

I like to blame my large size in adolescence on the “fat-free” craze of the nineties.  I distinctly remember happily inhaling Skittles guilt-free because they contained zero fat.  Clearly, I had absolutely no knowledge of nutrition.

Before 5Before 4

I was overweight before starting college and the “freshmen fifteen” still welcomed me with open arms.  I don’t know exactly what I weighed at my highest but I am guessing it was just over 200.

Before 2Before 3

In 2002, at the end of my freshmen year, I suffered a broken heart and was bound and determined to lose weight and get into the college social scene.  On my own, I dropped about 30 pounds.  I continued on and met lots of new and fabulous life-long friends and I was lovin’ college.

Life was good again.  So good, that I regularly ate Poptarts and Mountain Dew for breakfast and Denny’s for dinner.  Beer was also consumed in mass quantities 4/7 nights per week.  With that diet, I inevitably packed on the pounds…again.

In 2004ish, I knew I needed to do something again.  My friends and I decided we would all join Weight Watchers together.  We would go to meetings every Saturday morning.  I weighed-in on my first day at 190.

My friends and I diligently tracked our points and wrote down every bit of food we ate.  We attended the meetings and kept each other on track (even through all the binge drinking and pizza nights).  I started working out and was an infomercial junkie (those of you that know me, know I am a night owl)!  My first purchase was The Firm and is still to this day my favorite but they don’t make them anymore 🙁

My first Beachbody purchase was Turbo Jam with Chalene Johnson.  It had awesome music, an awesome bubbly and energetic trainer, and involved dancing/kickboxing.  I loved it!  This was the workout that got me hooked on Beachbody workouts!

Within 5 months I dropped about 40 pounds.  Thanks to Weight Watchers, I also knew a whole lot more about portion sizes and nutrition.  I was proud and feeling great!  My friends had also lost tons of weight.  We got this!  We can do it on our own!  And so we slowly stopped going to meetings.

Over the course of the next few years I continued to keep most of the weight off.  However, I also realized the extreme importance of group support. That was something I personally needed.

In 2007ish, I was hovering around 155 and wanted to get the last 15 pounds off.  Weighing 140 would put me smack-dab in the middle of my healthy weight range (for my height which is 5′ 5″).

I rejoined Weight Watchers again (but was very inconsistent with my eating and did not attend meetings regularly).  When I wasn’t going to meetings, I gained weight.  When I was going to meetings, I lost or maintained.  Two steps forward, one step back.  At least I was still moving forward.  Over the course of a few more years, I SLOWLY got those last 15 pounds off.

During those years, I also really started learning more about food (not just how many calories/points something was worth).  I wanted to know more.  What it was made of?  How it was made?  Where it was made?  What does it do in my body?  Do I even need it nutritionally?  Those kinds of things.

I started doing lots of research.  I read about artificial dyes (scary), sweeteners (scary), and sugar (scary).  I read about the meat industry (scary) and the dairy industry (scary).  I read about nutrition guidelines and how influential the industries are despite research and science (scary).  I started watching food documentaries (scary).  I was fascinated.  I couldn’t get enough.  I still can’t.

Up until then, I was eating within my calories but not really feeding my body the best stuff.  After all my research, I decided the first big goal was to ditch the meat.  I became a vegetarian in 2008 and really began to change my eating habits.  Goodbye “I Can’t Believe It’s  Not Butter Spray” and “Easy Mac”.  I got away from processed foods as much as I could and it made all the difference!

In 2011, I finally made my Weight Watcher’s goal weight of 140 and in November 2015 I completed Piyo and Shakeology and now am at my ultimate goal weight of 130! Here is my video showing my Piyo results.

My next goals are to continue to strengthen my muscles and continue improving my nutrition.  Sugar and dairy are next on the list to go.  These will be extremely hard for me to give up.

Sugar is my downfall and I am working really hard on limiting it.  I am mostly in the “reading labels like crazy” and “learning” phase.  I am learning how sugar affects the brain and behavior and I am also realizing that it…is…in…EVERYTHING!  No wonder I crave it all the time!


After 4

After 3

After 2

As far as my current weight, I now hover around 135!  I am still trying to find balance with what I eat, how much I eat, staying active, and not obsessing over numbers.  My weight loss journey has spanned over 10 years and I feel that I have learned so much.


When I learned that one of my favorite workout companies (Beachbody) had a business opportunity, I was hesitant.  But then I thought, why not give this coaching thing a try?  I have been coaching myself for 10 years and I would say that I have been pretty successful (although you can read about my crazy, obsessive mind here).

Now, raise your hand if you have you ever purchased a workout program, started it, but never stuck with it fully? (me me me!)

I will be completely honest.  Even though I have purchased so many Beachbody workouts over the years (Turbo Jam, Turbo Fire, Chalene Extreme, 10-Minute Trainer, T25), I had never fully completed any of them.  I would always start the workout programs but then I would bop around between programs and just do my favorite videos.

I truly believe if I had had the group support (as I did with Weight Watchers), I would have been more successful with sticking to one program.  Don’t get me wrong, I still worked out and I am very happy with my results.  I just never knew Beachbody had a “coaching” component, which really was the missing piece of the puzzle in my case.  Since becoming a coach in August 2015, I have been 100 times more accountable to myself!  Sharing my journey publicly was the best decision I have ever made.  I am helping myself and others at the same time!

Now that I know how Beachbody uses their coaching model, I am all in!  I want to be the missing piece of the puzzle for someone else!  It’s time to pay it forward and motivate and inspire others to pick a program and actually complete it with some serious group support and accountability!  Since becoming a coach, actually sticking with the fitness programs, and incorporating Shakeology into my diet, I have seen physical changes I never thought were possible!  It has been life-changing.



If you are ready to give health and fitness your all, connect with me and let’s do it together!  You can find me on Facebook and follow my journey daily!  I also offer monthly online fitness and nutrition challenge groups to help support and encourage you to stick with a program yourself.  We have an awesome group of people who are all going after the same thing…health!  Our next group is starting soon – click here to read more about it and to see if it’s something that could help you!  I’d love to connect and talk about your goals!




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  2. […] Kate’s weight now hovers at around 135lbs, and she has shared her incredible journey on her blog.  […]

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