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First Day of Piyo!

I did the intro video yesterday and was sore!  From just the intro!  Today I did the Upper and Lower Define and was literally shaking like a leaf.  I will definitely feel it tomorrow.  I definitely need to let go of the idea that I need to be jumping around to get a workout.  This was intense!  Excited for more.  Let me know if you are interested in Piyo and joining my next challenge group starting around September 7th.  Contact me on Coach Kate’s Facebook Page or email me at

Action is Your Antidote!

Take action towards a healthier life!  I have a fitness and nutrition group starting around Sept. 7th!  Join me for accountability/motivation/support and success!  You can do it!  You can contact me through my Coach Kate Facebook page or email ( is the antidoteGet moving!




In The Groove!

It’s been a week since we returned from our 10 day Vegas/San Diego vacation and it was amazing!  I am so proud of myself for sticking to my daily squats and push-ups.  I did them EVERY. DAY.  If you missed my Power of One Theory I was trying out you can click the pic to read about it!  It TOTALLY worked!

Power of OneSo I will QUICK recap the vacation…here we go!

I stuck with my itty-bitty goals every day and felt amazing and accomplished.  Great thing for the mind!IMG_4438Saw Britney Spears!  It was also amazing!  Danced in my seat the whole time!IMG_4456Made healthy choices…especially at breakfast!IMG_4500Got some inspiration while walking along the strip!IMG_4514Saw lots of palm trees 🙂IMG_4641Goodbye Vegas.  San Diego here we come.  Drove through the desert.  It was dry but beautiful!IMG_4525Visited my family and got to hang out with my little brother, James!  Here we are with AWESOME seat to the Braves/Padres game. IMG_4601And my cutey-pie  nephew, Matthew!IMG_4618And my sister and dad!
IMG_4626More baseball!  Even better seats!  We felt like celebrities and were treated that way too!

IMG_4666This is literally where we sat.IMG_4685Along with great seats came GREAT food and tons of it and it was free….uh oh.  But there was a delicious Kale salad so I started with that.  Tip: start with healthy stuff first.  It will fill you up and then you will hopefully eat less of the unhealthy.  This picture shows just a smidgen of all the food we had to choose from!IMG_4682The beautiful coast at Point Loma!IMG_4764

IMG_4759Exercising on vacation can be fun!  We kayaked all along the coast in La Jolla through the sea caves.  We saw tons of sea lions, a few leopard sharks, and a stingray!  So fun!  If you ever go to La Jolla, DO THIS!!IMG_4769Came home and was ready to dive into my new Beachbody Coaching gig.  I read a lot about offering free clean eating challenges to help people get off to a strong start.  However, based on my 10 years of weight loss struggles, I did not believe that clean eating is the place to start (for most people).  Changing your eating habits drastically can be VERY difficult and unsustainable.

I decided to go a different route.  I truly believe that everything you do is fueled by your mind.  If it is not in the game, then you will not be either.  I wanted to focus my first group on simply mentally preparing for health and fitness goals.

I thought carefully about what I have always struggled with and what strategies I have picked up and learned over the years.  I designed each day to have a focus and a written journal assignment.  I am hoping that after 5 days of getting ready mentally, group members will feel empowered and determined to work towards their goals!


Mind Matter FB Ad


Of course, I am human too and am still struggling with food.  I am trying my hardest to be completely transparent on my Coach Kate Facebook Page in hopes to show people that I am far from perfect with health and fitness.  It is truly a journey.


stronger than pizza


I am also super excited to start my new workout, Piyo!  It came in the mail yesterday and I already started!  I will definitely take before and afters because I can tell this program is going to get me long and lean!  Can’t wait!


Do something


I am very excited to start my next 30-Day Back To School September Shape-Up Challenge starting around Sept. 7th!  I hope I have inspired and motivate some people to choose a workout program and stick with it!  If you are interested in participating, contact me through Facebook or email (!




Back to School Shape Up Ad


I am so excited for what’s to come with coaching.  It has already been incredibly rewarding.  Just by sharing my story, struggles, and successes people have reached out and shared theirs.  I just love it!


Kate’s Power of One Theory

Power of One

We are leaving for a 10 day vacation tomorrow.  First stop is Sin City with some of our close friends for a weekend of sunshine, margaritas, Britney Spears, Craps, and of course food.  Maybe seeing Britney’s abs in real life will help motivate me…hehe!

After that, we are road trippin’ it to sunny San Diego for family, Braves games, ocean, sunshine, and of course food.

Lately, my mind has been in a good place.  Remember about week ago when I was totally unmotivated.  Well, something clicked in my brain and I have been on point with my workouts and eating well all week.  My mind told me seven days wouldn’t make a difference.  Wrong.

After motivating myself with a few simple tasks, I worked out.  I am always amazed at the power of one solid workout.  I INSTANTLY feel great after just one.  One!  So you can imagine how I am feeling after seven!  I wish I could just bottle that feeling up for the days I forget that one workout can have major snowball effects.

With every vacation I go on, I leave the house with all intentions of eating “as well as I can”.  I tell myself that I can definitely enjoy food and drinks, but just try to moderate it…yada yada yada.  Like other areas of my life, I start strong and fizzle out.  By the time I get home I have completely “fallen off the wagon”.

So rather than doing that again, I need to change something else.  I have been brainstorming.  Here are some ideas:

  • bring tennis shoes and workout clothes and use the hotel gym
  • pack your own food items (bars, dried fruit, nuts, etc)
  • avoid high calorie drinks and stick with vodka/soda

But here is what my head is saying…

Now, let’s be realistic…

1.  Bring tennis shoes and workout clothes and use the hotel gym?

  • HAHAHAHA…you know damn well you will not do this.  Your gym shoes and clothes will just take up precious suitcase space and you will not touch them.  They will make you feel guilty every day as they stare up at you from the depths of your bag.

2.  Pack your own food items (bars, dried fruit, nuts, etc)?

  • That is a good idea for the plane ride there.  But when you get there, no way.  Whatever food you bring would sit right there in the suitcase next to my gym shoes and clothes while  you are eating at all the awesome restaurants with your friends.  Then you would feel doubly guilty looking into your suitcase.

3.  Avoid high calorie drinks and stick with vodka/soda?

  • Yuck!

Alright…no solid plan yet to stay on track.  As I continued to think about this, I somehow got to thinking about my 30 Days of Biking Challenge back in April.  Why was I successful with that?

The challenge rules were simple.  Get on your bike and ride every day during the month of April.  No matter what the distance or destination.  So I did it!  I rode my bike every day.  Through rain, sleet, snow, and sunshine!   You can see my 30 Days of Biking Challenge pics here!

Now, if the challenge rules had been different, I don’t think I would have succeeded.  Let me tell you why.  On the hard days…the rainy ones, the cold ones, the snowy ones, I knew I didn’t have to go far.  There was no expectation.  Here is the power of one again.  I knew I could get on my bike for just one block.  That was easy.

After one block, I would realize it’s not that bad so I would keep going and shoot for one mile.  After one mile, I would be warmed up and would shoot for five.  You can see the pattern.  Some days, that way of thinking got me to 15-20 miles!

You often hear people tell you to make sure you set your goals high and make them really specific.  While that can be true for certain situations, I am going to take this vacation’s goals in the complete opposite direction.  I am going to use the power of one theory!

Here is Kate’s Power of One Challenge:

      • At least 1 squat and 1 push-up every day in the morning
      • Drink 1 glass of water with each meal

No special shoes or clothes required.  Nothing extra to pack.  No unrealistic number to reach.  Just one.  Why squats and pushups?  Those two moves will work nearly every major muscle in my body.

I am hoping the same mentality I had with biking challenge with roll over into this challenge!  If I can get myself to do get some squats and pushups done in the morning, I know there will be snowball effects throughout the day with my food choices.  I’ll report back when I return!  In the meantime, follow me on Facebook!

10 Ways to Motivate Yourself!

Yesterday I was in a slump and completely unmotivated (here is the post if you missed it).


This morning I woke up and knew I could not handle another day of zero productivity.  When I start the morning unproductively, the day usually doesn’t end well.  Fortunately, it also works the other way around!  So, here is what I did.

I poured a cup of coffee and made of list of ten easy and simple things I could do.  Things I knew would motivate me and rejuvenate my mind.  I purposefully made them small, simple, and doable.  Of course, these are my things that I knew would make me feel better.  It is a personal list.  You know how there are certain things that if you know are done, life is good?  These are the things that make my mind happy!  So if you decide to give this a try, make your own personal list.

10 Ways to Get (Kate) Motivated (these are in random order):

  1. Drink water
  2. Ditch technology
  3. Do a small household chore (one that you really don’t want to do)
  4. Go outside
  5. Put on clothes and get out of PJs (or at least put a bra on)
  6. Call someone on the phone
  7. Plan lunch
  8. Find a new recipe for dinner
  9. Declutter/organize something (not an entire room but pick a small space like a drawer or cabinet)
  10. Turn on lights and music (maybe the song below?)

Great song and great band!  But seriously turn on the lights and put on some motivating music.

With my list, I was ready to go.  I shut my computer (check for ditching technology), filled my water bottle (check for drinking water), and went outside to sit in our beautiful backyard (check to going outside).  I finished my coffee and water bottle while enjoying nature (until the bees came out…then I didn’t enjoy it anymore).

Three things done!  Now I was ready for more.  I got out of my PJs (check), turned on music and lights (check).  The productivity party had begun and I decided I was ready to tackle #3 on my list…a household chore that I never (ever ever!) want to do.  I despise and utterly detest this chore but I always feel absolutely amazing, like my life is in complete order and there is world peace, when it’s done.  What chore could possibly be so horrible yet make you feel so good?  Laundry.  Specifically, the part where I have to fold and put the clothes away.

I knew I could do it.  My productivity for the first 45 minutes of the day had been like that of a race horse (maybe that’s not the right simile but you know what I mean).  Actually, when I look back, it doesn’t seem like I did a whole lot.  But hey, those little things tricked my mind into thinking we had accomplished something great.  We were now in the right state of mind to get…the laundry…done.

I marched upstairs with authority and pulled out the two baskets of clean clothes that have been sitting there for eons (about 5 days).  I voraciously began folding and sorting and hanging and matching the stupid socks.  I put it all away.  Yes, I did.  Now the day had really begun…awww  yeah…

I didn’t do everything on my list, but that was not the intention.  My goal was get my mind motivated which in turn, would get my body motivated.  Somedays, I don’t need a list to help me and I wake up ready to go and take on the world.  Other days, I will definitely come back to this list and do as many things as I need to in order to “feed” my mind.

How I motivate myself!



So, what would be on your list?

Stay tuned as I experiment with an eggplant!


Wildtree Scampi Green Beans

We are lucky to have farmers in the family!  On a recent trip to Iowa, we came back fully loaded with veggies galore!  For a quick and healthy snack, I sprinkled about 1 teaspoon of Wildtree’s Scampi Blend on bowl full (about 1 cup) of green beans.  Delish!

Click the pic to shop Wildtree and order some Scampi Blend for yourself!

Wildtree Scampi Green Beans

Feeling in a Slump Already

Maybe it’s because we are leaving for Vegas in one week and I haven’t really gotten off the couch in the last 5 days…but I am definitely in a slump.


It’s hard coming home after a weekend in Iowa to 2 full weeks of unscheduled nothing.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my summertime.  I do really LOVE having a completely open schedule.  However, I also don’t do very well, nutritionally speaking, when I have no routine.  I also do not do very well, fitnessly (yes, I know it’s not a word) speaking, when I know I am leaving for vacation in 7 days.

Here is your first glimpse of what my mind says to me.  In my crazy moments, my mind is usually very sarcastic, condescending, and arrogant…

Psycho Head of Kate:
“Really?!  What can you accomplish in seven days?
You know you won’t see any results in that short amount of time.
Even if you did, vacation would just set you back again.  So just screw it.
You can start AFTER your vacation. “


Today started well.  Apple and coffee for breakfast, some farm-fresh Iowa corn-on-the-cob for lunch, cherries for a snack (with a small handful of low-fat Pringles)…and that’s where my craziness steps in again.

Psycho Head of Kate:
“Great job Kate.  You ate Pringles.  Seven of them.
Might as well finish off the Haagen Daz that is left in the freezer.”


Seriously.  That is how my mind works with food.  Needless to say, my mind was not in a good place the rest of the day.  I didn’t go completely off the deep end, but I did open the Haagen Daz after the Pringles.  And then I had some more Pringles.  And I didn’t work out.

I was in no mood to cook anything for dinner (anything that required preparation at least) so I pulled out some frozen jalapeno cheddar/tex mex ravioli and a packet of enchilada sauce.  Definitely not the healthiest, but it was easy, fast, and tasted good.


One of the purposes of this blog is to change how I think.  It’s actually quite theraputic to openly admit the things I think during the day.  Now I have to change them (or attempt to) so when I am in a slump, I can get out!  Here goes some positive self-talk!

Happy Head of Kate:
Kudos to you for only eating one serving of ravioli (even though I know you desperately want to bust into the fridge right this instant and eat the leftovers…all of them…cold).  Kudos for drinking about 30oz of water today.  That’s alot for you.  Kudos to you for blogging about your day even though I know you didn’t want to because you felt like a failure.
You can do this.  Tomorrow is a new day!”

Check back tomorrow to Are you in a slump?  Read about how I get out!

Quick Way to Cut Green Onions on Salad

Made a tasty salad loaded with veggies today for lunch.  My mom shared with me this great way to cut green onions using a scissors!  You can also use scissors to cut up other herbs too.  Easy peasy!  Check out the video showing how to cut green onions to top your salad!  I topped it with Salad Girl dressing.


Starting Again

Another beginning in health, fitness, and food.  Here I go starting again.  I suppose if I keep starting over, I am technically never quitting!  This time I will be documenting my journey publicly and hope you will join me.  Read more about me here.  Follow along to share my goals, achievements, and struggles.