18 Ways Starting a Business is Like Losing Weight

My mind makes connections all the time so I thought I would share its latest work. ‪#‎headofkate‬

🌟🌟18 ways starting your own business is EXACTLY like losing weight and going after health goals 🌟🌟

1) It’s the small DAILY actions that matter
2) It takes extreme mental perseverance
3) You must NOT compare yourself to others
4) Consistency is the secret sauce
5) You must be willing to wait – it takes TIME!
6) You must BELIEVE in what you are doing
7) You have to TRUST the process
8) Learning is non-negotiable
9) Everyone’s journey is different
10) YOU are the only one that can make it happen
12) You will fail often…get back up
13) It takes discipline
14) You must be open to new experiences and new opportunities
15) Support/mentorship from others is essential
16) It will feel like it’s not working and you’ll want to quit
17) It’s an emotional roller coaster
18) It’s sooooooooooo worth it and it will change your life 🙂


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